Asset Management

We have over twenty years of experience in asset management, specializing in global portfolio management, asset allocation, manager selection and the generation of medium size projects in Mexico.


Gerbera Asset Management is our portfolio management and public investments platform. The portfolios and funds managed have a global scope and are primarily invested in equity securities, government and corporate fixed income securities, derivative instruments and alternative investments.

Our main objective is to deliver above average risk adjusted returns. In order to achieve this, we have created a robust investment process that enables us to carry out an in depth analysis of our investment opportunities prior to the investment decision, focusing on clearly differentiating the investment’s intrinsic value from its market price and investing only when there’s a sufficiently attractive divergence between them (the “Margin of Safety”).

Our portfolio management strategy is based on two main pillars: our philosophy and investment process; and our disciplined adherence to our strategies and methodologies, which determine our asset selection and our investment horizon.


Our investment philosophy is based on the principles of “Value Investing” and capital preservation. Accordingly, we seek to take advantage of the sometimes irrational and inefficient nature of the markets, buying only when the price of the asset is lower than its value and selling when the opposite occurs.






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Av. de las Palmas 1715
Lomas de Chapultepec. Delegación Miguel Hidalgo
México D.F. 11000
Ph. (55) 5251 5098 / Fax. (55) 5520 1769

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